This was both an easy and a very hard page to make- It was really easy to draw; the images just kept flowing- I had the page in my head in a flash. The hard part was figuring out how I would depict the flashing electricity and aetheric energies as our mysterious man appears to the witches.  The difficulty was only compounded with the tragic loss of the complex layered photoshop file for pages 5&6– so much built there- layers of snow and atmosphere that I needed to figure out how I do those things. To clarify, more than a year has passed since the page previous to this one. I was quite ill and dealing with depression and other issues. Coming back to work full time on Holliday is so terrific- but one cost of the huge time gap is forgetting and having to re-discover old techniques for coloring and special effects. The trial of pushing through, despite the loss of the safety blanket of old files to refer to, is at times a rigorous trial – it can screw with your head. “Why can’t I remember how I did this or that?” It gets me crazy. But- look at the result of pushing through! One of my best pieces. So good for me; good for Bill and I and good for you, reader. 

All the best-
Greg Giordano